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Hover Star UFO Drone Operates Via Hand Super Easy Skill - Red

Hover Star UFO Drone Operates Via Hand Super Easy Skill - Red

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About This Item

The built in motion sensors respond easily to your hand commands and will avoid obstacles all on its own. Have fun with this drone with your friends either inside or outside with the indestructible outer shell. The hover star also includes glowing LED lights that change colour for additional visibility in dark rooms and an auto shut-off feature for added safety.

Key Benefits

  • No Remote Needed
  • Operates Via Hand Command
  • Safe for Indoor Play
  • Fun to Play with Friends
  • Indestructible Outer Shell
  • Charges in Only 30 Minutes


Motion Sensors: Built-In sensors allow you to control the UFO simply by waving your hands.
Obstacle Avoidance: Technology prevents UFO from crashing into objects inside your home.
Bright Led Illumination: The glowing LED changes colors while providing additional visibility in darkened rooms.
Ultra-Stable Flight: Built-in Air Pressure sensor automatically locks altitude for extremely stable flight.
Auto Shut-Off: The UFO powers off automatically after long periods of inactivity for added safety.


Minimum Age Recommended
6 + Years
10 oz


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