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Slimy Gloop Slimy Sand Moldable & Stretchable 12 Piece Playset 9 Molds & 3 Stamp

Slimy Gloop Slimy Sand Moldable & Stretchable 12 Piece Playset 9 Molds & 3 Stamp

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About This Item

Immerse yourself in a world of sensory fun with the colourful SlimyGloop SlimySand and play tools. 

As soon as you reach in and grab the SlimySand from any of the seven reusable bags, you'll feel the difference, it moulds like sand and stretches like SlimyGloop! 

Pack your favourite colours into any of the nine fun moulds and watch them take shape as you remove the mould, let it run through your fingers, or crush your creations with the three stamp rollers and watch them expand! 

Includes nine moulds in a variety of themes: sweet treats, under the sea and dinosaurs.

Key Benefits

  • SLIMYGLOOP® SLIMYSAND stretches like slime, but molds like sand
  • Fun way to express your creativity and display your creations before knocking it down and beginning again
  • Exciting sensory play as you smoosh, stretch, mold and impress ready-made SLIMYSAND
  • Creative way to relieve stress and improve fine motor skills for all ages
  • The resealable containers allow you to store your fun SLIMYSAND™ so the fun never ends
  • Less mess and easy cleanup
  • Ages 3+


7 Bags of Glitter SlimyGloop SlimySand 6.25 LB (2.83 Kg) Total
3 Stamp Rollers
1 Unicorn Mold
1 Tower Mold
1 Castle Mold
1 T-Rex Mold
1 Brontosaurus Mold
1 Starfish Mold
1 Shell Mold
1 Cupcake Mold
1 Donut Mold
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Horizon Group USA
Minimum Age Recommended
3 + Years
Product Name
Surprise Slimy Gloop Sand 12 Piece Playset


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